Street Tribes™

Mobile billboard advertising vehicles


CAMPAIGNS TO SUIT Your company, brand, event. We work with you to design a campaign to meet your needs from original artwork, routes and up to date daily reporting to monitor the success of your campaign.

BE SEEN, BE READ, BE HEARD Get noticed bright, eye-catching colours, tailored designs, illumination scrolling motion turns heads and commands attention wherever it is driven. Video projection. Rolling billboards, live music, Bluetooth static product displays, this vehicle cannot fail to impress.

DIFFERENT, UNIQUE, NEW to the UK market, this vehicle generates curiosity and awareness of your brand like no other, scrolling billboards enable you to use video, sound, FM capabilities to engage your public so they don’t forget YOU and YOUR MESSAGE.

YOUR BRAND ON THE MOVE Take your brand to the customer. We tailor routes to suit your campaign, demographical and location. We turn left, right and can reverse at a moments notice one thing we won’t do is STOP!

CUSTOMISED CAMPAIGNS to suite you, your brand, time of day, night, month or year. We can run a campaign for as little as 1 day to 1 year!

VALUE FOR MONEY Our rates are competitive; our campaigns are workable for you and your budget.

SPECIAL RATES ARE AVAILABLE to those who run an extended campaign of a month or more.

NATIONAL REACH – we can offers single vehicle for one region or several for national campaigns.

REAL LIVE STATISTICS using our sophistical GPS tracking system we can provide daily updates on start time, route position, number of Bluetooth messages accepted etc… all downloaded through our website.

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION Go to where your audience is, a new film release, car launch, club opening, a concert we can go anywhere your customers go.