Street Tribes™

Mobile billboard advertising vehicles


Joseph D'Lacey
Author of bestselling novel "Meat"

"For three weeks in February 2008 I had the pleasure of being a passenger aboard the Street Tribes™ advertising vehicle – a truck we dubbed ‘The Meatwagon’. We toured the UK attending book signings, interviews and talks. Wherever we went, the public stared. The response was phenomenal.

I will always think of Paul Delaney’s innovative vehicle as ‘the truck that launched the book’.

Street Tribes™ organised for the van to be ‘wrapped’ in exactly the same colours and fonts as the novel MEAT. In the glass compartment on the back of this converted Isuzu, they created a gory, eye-catching butcher’s shop scene. On three sides of the vehicle the poster from our adshel campaign scrolled up and down constantly wherever we drove.

It was this constant movement, combined with our chosen piece of rock music that made people look. And look they did. In every street. In every town. If the posters scrolled down, hiding our display, people would stand and wait for the Meatwagon’s secrets to be revealed when the poster rose once more. Even stuck in traffic the Meatwagon grabbed people’s attention.

"meat" book coverPassers-by with Bluetooth enabled received texts from us, directing them to a dedicated website. They would stop, check their message and stare at the van. People smiled, people laughed, people grimaced at our gory display. But everyone noticed us when we drove by. Everyone.

The Street Tribes™ truck is a unique way to attract interest to any product or service imaginable. There’s no doubt in my mind that this groundbreaking vehicle has helped to make MEAT the incredible success is has become.

Paul Delaney is a genius and I’m delighted we had his assistance. Next time we launch a book, this is how we’ll do it!"