Street Tribes™

Mobile billboard advertising vehicles

Onboard Cameras

Street Tribes™' latest addition will benefit advertisers and brands. We have added four recording cameras to the next generation of trucks - three on the outside, one on the inside. The camera on the inside works in two ways - safety for the drivers, and to see what's happening in the back of the box regarding scrolling adverts. If the truck is being used as a showroom then footage can be recorded for the client - allowing you to review how many customers came into the truck, or to monitor how hard your promotional staff are working. The three outside cameras record what’s happening around near the truck. They will also capture customers looking at the adverts and their reaction to each one. The cameras record up to seven days at a time and footage can be downloaded from our website or supplied on a CD. The cameras also act as a security feature if a truck should be left alone for any period of time.

NEW FEATURE - Live Camera Streaming!

Street Tribes™ has now starting fitting each vehicle with an onboard computer which is constantly connected to the internet. This allows advertisers to see their advert's surroundings whenever the van is out and about. Advertisers have never before had the opportunity to interact with their viewers to such a degree.

Logging on to the camera system is very simple: each van has its own number, and once the van has been chosen, simply choose which of the four on-board cameras you wish to view a feed from.

This service will not be available to the consumer, only registered Street Tribes™ advertisers, each of whom will have their own login to access the service.