Street Tribes™

Mobile billboard advertising vehicles

Scrolling Billboards

Street Tribes™ offers effective state-of-the-art scrolling technology and exists to provide businesses with a creative new solution for outdoor advertising, helping them break through today's media clutter which is overpowering consumers in today market. Street tribes high impact and geographically targeted media trucks are fresh and new to the market and are designed to work along side all of the other outdoor media options available. During the night hours Street Tribes™ media trucks utilize a specialized LED lighting system which illuminates the billboards for increased visibility, the scrolling sequences can creating thousands of memorable impression every day. Street Tribes™ media vehicles are a one-stop-shop for branding, product launches, sampling, grand openings, events and guerrilla marketing.

"Billboard displays using motion have been determined to be the most effective advertising in both product sales and consumer awareness."
The Point of Purchase Institute, Washington, D.C.