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Charity Work

Street Tribes™' CEO Paul Delaney has spent the last few years traveling throughout China, visiting schools in every area. Paul is passionate about this subject and is supporting a fund to buy computers, with the help of the Chinese government, in order to improve education and the standard of IT literacy. Most of the schools in the poor areas do not have any computers at all. If they are lucky enough to have some they are shared by hundreds of children, and they will only get a few minutes per months to use them. The CEO of Street Tribes™, Paul Delaney, is giving in the region of 100 computers over a three year period, and every time he visits China he arranges contact with English schools so pen-pal relationships can be made. The Chinese government has helped Street Tribes™ so much in China that we wanted to give something back, and hopefully help improve the quality of life for the children in the local area.