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Blood, gore and moving images catch the attention of passers-by outside town bookshop

When we say meet the author - we mean MEAT the author

by Natasha Brown

For this week's Caught In Times we captured this curious lorry in Leamington - and discovered a gruesome tale to tell.

With vivid posters scrolling down each of the lorry's glass sides, and housing what appeared to be a butcher's table with bludgeoned meat and bloody knives, we - along with crowds of passers by - were intrigued as to what this vehicle was and why it was parked outside Waterstones bookshop on Warwick Street.

It turns out the lorry is the first of its kind in britain - and the blood stained table is from the filmset of Jonny Depp blockbuster Sweeny Todd.

Driver Paul Delanet told us he designed the lorry as an innovative advertising tool and hundreds have already been snapped up in China, which his company manufactures them, and America.

But the Liverpool businessman is sure his invention's moving imagery and striking look will now sell itself to British firms looking for a new way to advetise too.

"If you see something moving you look but if it's still, you don't," he said. "I was inspired by scrolling mechanisms used to display adverts on bus stops and looked at new ways these could be used.

"We have been to London and it's very effective, people just stopped and stared and didn't look at the other attractions."

The lorry is currently being used to horror novel "Meat" by Rugby author Joseph D'Lacey. "It is very dark and not for the weak-hearted."

Given the subject of the novel, the lorry has been given the grimly apt nickname - the Meat Wagon.