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Latest News

April 2008

Street Tribes™ signs contract with Collyer Bristow Solicitor, to become our official solicitor and to start work on a contract for the network.

March 2008

Paul Delaney visits Portugal to start negotiation with Street Tribes™. Portugal to become our first network members.

January 2008

Street Tribes™ signs its first advertising contract, and secures a long term relationship with the publishing industry in the UK.

December 2007

Paul Delaney visits local Chinese school and tells the children about the new charity, supplying computers to local schools. Paul visited six school in total and has arranged for some of the children to have contact with English schools to help set up pen-pal relationships.

November 2007

Street Tribes™' CEO Paul Delaney has secured 35, 000 sq ft of land in China with the help of the Chinese government. The land is going to have a brand new factory and housing for the staff. Street Tribes™ is investing £1.5m over the next five years and our new factory will be the latest in this area, employing 30 staff with separate units for their families.

October 2007

signing agreement with the Chinese government

Street Tribes™ sign a contract with the Chinese government to set up a fund for raising money for the school children in the local area. The fund is to be used to buy computers over a three year period. The local mayor is in full support of this and has arranged with the government to match any monies Street Tribes™ put into the fund. Paul says "We have been given very good rates from Apple to supply these computers, our first 5 computers will go to a very small school in the Beliu area. We are expecting delivery in July 2008".

September 2007

Street Tribes™ takes delivery of its first demonstration truck in the UK and has started to expand this new invention into Europe.

July 2007

Street Tribes™ sells 10 trucks to Dubai, and has now developed the new trailer for the USA which has taken the industry by surprise.

January 2007

Street Tribes™ secures the rights for the whole of Europe and leases a factory to produce the latest line of scrolling advertising trucks.